How to installed StarWind Virtual Tape Library Software

Hello Friends today i am going to tell you how you can install StarWind Virtual Tape library software so find the following step to installed.
Question:- What is StarWind Virtual Tape library software and what is the benefit to use StarWind.
Answer:- StarWind Eliminates the need of Physical Tape library you can use your disk storage as Virtual Tape.

  • If you have Data Retention policy then it will be very cost effective solution for your organization.
  • It is very secure solution because it provides Ransomeware protection as Ransomeware cant access the data of Virtual Tape Library.
  • It also provide replication on Disk to Disk and Cloud.
So Let's Start the installation.
Step 1. Copy the software on Server where you want to install and just right click on installer and select Run as Administrator.

Step 2.Here you need to accept the license agreement so just select the option and click on next button.

Step 3. Here you can read the information and click on Next button.

Step 4. Here you can select the installation directory otherwise leave it default and click on next button.

Step 5. Here you can choose the component which you want to install and click on next button.

Step 6. Here it is asking to select start Menu Folder just click on Next button.

Step 7. Here you can select Create a desktop icon and click on Next Button.

Step 8. Here it is asking for key if you dont have then select the option Request time-limited fully function evaluation key and click on next button.

Step 9. Here i have select the location of trail key and click on next button.

Step 10. Here it is showing license information so just click on Next button.

Step 11. Now Software is ready to install so just click on install button.

Step 12. Here it is asking to configure SMI-S Agent so just click on yes button.

Step 13. Here you have to set SMI-S Agent root password so just set and click on OK button.

Step 14. Here you can see installation have been completed so just select Launch the StarWind Management console and click on Finish button.

Step 15. Here you have to configure storage pool so just select the storage location and click on OK button.

Step 16. Here you can see we have successfully installed the software.

Thanks for visit this page friends i hope you liked this post please Like and share this tutorial and comment your feedback in comment section if you have any suggestion and query about StarWind Virtual Tape Library Software.
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Amit Pandey said...

Very helpful post thnk you so much

Amit Pandey said...

Very helpful post
Thank you so much


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