How to install Xentools on Citrix VM

Hello Friends today i have come with another tutorial from Citrix Xenserver in this tutorial i have explained how to install Xentool on virtual Machine in Citrix Xenserver so please find the following step to install Xentool on virtual Machine You can also read my previous tutorial that is How to Create Virtual Machine.
Ques:-Why we need to install Xentool ?.
Ans:-Xentool is enhance the performance of Virtual Machine its provide all the required drivers and and following Features.
  • Graceful Shutdown,Restart and Suspend a Virtual Machine.
  • Virtual Machine Performance data and Display view in XenCenter.
  • Migrate a Running Virtual Machine one Host to another Host.
  • For Creating and reverting a Snapshot.
  • To increasing vCPU in running Virtual Machine.
Step 1.Connect The Citrix Xenserver using XenCenter Tool then select the virtual Machine where you want to install Xentool then Right click on Virtual Machine and click on Install XenServer Tools.

Step 2.Here you can see it is asking to insert Xenserver tool DVD in Virtual Machine so just click on Yes button.

Step 3.Here you can see XenServer tool DVD has been inserted so right click on DVD and click on install or run program from your Media.

Step 4.Here you need to click on Run setup.exe to install the tool.

Step 5.Here you can see installation has been started so wait for sometime.

Step 6.Here it is asking to install XenServer PV Storage Host adapter so just click on yes Button after that it will complete the Xentool installation and Virtual Machine will restart automatically after this installation.

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