How to install Citrix Xenserver 7.5 Step By Step

Hello Friends today i have come with another tutorial from Citrix Xenserver in this tutorial i have explained how to install Citrix Xenserver 7.5 so please find the following step and System requirement to install Citrix Xenserver 7.5.
What is Citrix Xenserver ?
Ans:-Citrix XenServer is a hypervisor platform that provided by Citrix System Using Xenserver you can install and Run multiple server on a Single Hardware the most recent released Version of Citrix that is 8.1 which is released in December 2019.

Minimum System requirement for Xenserver installation.
XenServer 7.5 ISO : You can Download from Citrix Official Website Download Link.
Hardware Should be capable for virtualization.
Hardware Compatibility List:
Minimum 2GB ram; 4GB.
Minimum 1 64-bit x86 1.5GHz cpu.
Hard drive space of at least 46GB.
Network Card at least 100 mbps.

Step 1.Insert the  Bootable DVD or USB Drive in the Server and boot the Server from USB and DVD Drive and wait for Next Screen.
Step 2.Now you can see Server has been boot so please press the Enter button to install Xenserver.

Step 3.Here you have to select keymap so just select the keymap and press OK button. 

Step 4.Here it giving the warning that installing the Xenserver will erase all the data on the disk so click on OK button.

Step 5.Here it is showing License Agreement so just accept IT.

Step 6.Here it is asking disk selection so just select the disk and click on OK button.

Step 7.Here it is asking installation source so just select Local Media and click on OK Button.

Step 8.Here it is asking to Verify the installation source so just skip this step and click on OK button.

Step 9.Here you need to set Root password of Xenserver so just put the password and click on OK button.

Step 10.Here it is asking to set the IP address so just set the IP and click on OK button in this demo i am using DHCP so i have select DHCP.

Step 11.Here you need to put DNS server IP address so just put the DNS IP and click on OK button.

Step 12.Here you need to select time zone so just select and click on OK button.

Step 13.Here you need to select City so just select your city and click on OK Button.

Step 14.Here you need to select system time so just select IT and click on OK button.

Step 15.Here you need to provide NTP server configuration so just put the details and click on OK Button.

Step 16.Here it is asking to confirm the installation so just click on install Xenserver option to proceed the installation and wait for sometime to complete the installation.

Step 17.Here you can see it is preparing the installation so wait.

Step 18.Here it is asking to install any supplemental Pack so just select NO.

Step 19.Now you can see installation has been started so just wait for sometimes to competition.

Step 20.Here you can see installation has been successfully complete so just click on OK button.

Step 21.Here you can see we have successfully install the Citrix Xenserver 7.5.

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