How to configure Star Wind Virtual Tape Library Software

Hello Friends today i have come with another tutorial from StarWind Virtual Tape Library Software in this tutorial i am going to tell you how you can configure this software on Server you can also read my previous tutorial which is How to installed StarWind Virtual Tape Library 

So please find the following Step to configure StarWind Virtual Tape Library.
Step 1. Open the StarWind Management Console and Click on Add Device then Wait for Next Screen.

Step 2. Here you can see Add Device Wizard is opened so Put the Device name and click on Next Button.

Step 3.Here you need to select device i have select LTO8 also you can select fill the Storage Slots with Empty Tape after Create and click on next Button.

Step 4.Here you need to create target for Connection as i have selected iscsi you can see in the following image and click on Next button.
Step 5.Now it is creating the Device so wait for sometimes to complete the task.

Step 6. Now you can see device has been created successfully so click on close button.

Step 7. Now you have to create Tapes so click on create Tape.

Step 8. Here you have to specify the Tape path so click on use custom path and browse the location and click on Next button.

Step 9. Here you can specify the Tape Parameters like how many tape you want to create,Tape Size and Tape type then click on Create button.

Step 10. Now you can see tape has been created now you have to connect the tape drive on the server.

Step 11. Now go to Server and open iSCSI initiator then type the tape drive host IP and click on quick connect.

Step 12. Here you can see target has been connected so click on done button.

Step 13. Now you can see tape device is showing in Server device Manager now you have to install tape drive driver.

Step 14. Here i am going to install Tape Library Driver so double click on Driver Setup file then click on install button You can Download the Driver from HPE Official Website.
Download Driver Here 

Step 15. Here it is showing Tape drive so just click on install button.

Step 16. Driver installation has been finished so click on OK button.

Step 17. Now you can see we have successfully install the driver and it's look good now you can use the tape library on any backup software.

Thanks for visit this page friends i hope you liked this post please Like and share this tutorial and comment your feedback in comment section if you have any suggestion and query about StarWind Virtual Tape Library Software.
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