How to configure Virtual Machine Backup in Vembu BDR Suite Step By Step.

Hello Friends today i have come with another tutorial of Vembu BRD Suite Series In my previous tutorial i have explained How to install Vembu BDR Suite 4.0 in this tutorial i will explain how you can take your Virtual Machine Backup free with Vembu BDR Suite.
So please find the following step to configure Virtual Machine Backup in Vembu BDR Suite.
Step 1.Open the Vembu BDR Suite Backup software console and put the user name and password then click on sign in button.

Step 2. Here you can see Vembu Backup Software console is opened so just click on Backup Option and select VMware vSphere and wait for next screen. 

Step 3. Here you need to provide ESXi host details so just put the details and click on save button.

Step 4. Here you can see we have successfully add the ESXi host.
Step 5. Now Select the ESXi host and click on Backup button which is showing in following screenshot and wait for next screen. 

Step 6. Here you need to select the Virtual Machine which you want to take Backup so just select Virtual Machine and click on Next Button.

Step 7. Here you can customize the Backup setting if in case of SQL and any application server otherwise leave it default and click on Next button.

Step 8. Here you can set the Backup schedule of Virtual Machine as per your requirement then click on Next button.

Step 9. Here you can customize retention policy and Storage Repository as per your requirement then click on Next button.

Step 10. Here you need to type Job name so just type the job name and select Run this job immediately after saving then click on save the Backup button.

Step 11. Here it asking for the Backup so just click on OK button.

Step 12. Here you can see Backup has been completed successfully.

Thanks for visiting this page please share your feedback in comment section if you have any query and suggestion about Vembu BDR Suite.

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