How to Create instant VM From Backup in Arcserve UDP 6.5 Step By Step

In my previous tutorial i had explained How to Configure VM Backup in CA ARCSRVE UDP in this tutorial i have explained how to create instant Virtual Machine(IVM) From Backup in Arcserve UDP 6.5

So just find the below step to create instant Virtual Machine(IVM) From Backup in Arcserve UDP.

Step: 1. Login into Arcserve console and go to resources tab and click on Plan Group the select the VM Backup in right panel Virtual Machine Backup is showing just select the Virtual Machine right click on that and then click on Create instant VM.

Step: 2.Here you need to select Recovery point Server in this Lab my Recovery point Server is so i have select the Server and also i have selected the latest full Backup so now click on next.

Step: 3.Here you need to select Virtual Machine Location so in this Lab i have select VMware vSphere Hypervisor and my Esxi Server IP address is so just select the Server and click on Next.

Step: 4. Here you need to select Recovery point server so just select the server and click on Next.

Step: 5. Here it is showing that the node is not manage by current console do you want to manage so just click on Yes.

Step: 6. Here you need to fill Recovery Point Server credential so just fill the details and click on OK.

Step: 7. Here you can customize Instant Virtual Machine like Name,Memory and CPU so just customize as per your requirement and click on Finish.

Step: 8. Here it is showing Boot VM so just select Boot Now option.

Step: 9.Here you can see Instant Virtual Machine(IVM) process has been started so just wait for few minutes.

Step: 10.Now i have login in Esxi Host and here you can see we have successfully create the Instant Virtual Machine(IVM) and Machine is also running.

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