How Configure VM Backup in CA ARCSRVE UDP Step by Step with Screenshots

In my previous post i had explained please go through this link How to Configure Arcserve UDP 6.5 in this tutorial i had explained how to configure ESXi Backup in CA Arcserve UDP 6.5.

so just find the below step to configure ESXi Backup in CA Arcserve UDP 6.5.

Step: 1. Login into Arcserve console and go to resources tab and click on add nodes option.
Step: 2 Here you need to select import from vCenter/ESXi option type the vCenter and ESXi details like ip address and user id,password and click on connect after that on save option.
Step: 3 Here you can see ESXi Host has been added now just select the Virtual Machine which you want to take backup and click on add to list after that click on save option.
Step: 4 Now go to Backup plans select all backup options in Right panel Backup plan is showing so just select the plan and Right click on that and click on Backup now option.
Step: 5 Here you need to select Backup type in this tutorial i am taking full backup os Virtual Machine so just select full backup and Customize full Backup option and click on ok button.
Step: 6 Here you can see Backup job has been submitted so just click on ok button.
Step: 7 Here you can see Backup has been started in Right Panel you can see progress bar so just click on details option.
Step: 8 Here you can see all the details like Backup Start time,Remaining time and Backup Speed so just wait some time to complete the backup.
Step: 9 Now to you can see backup has been completed.
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