How to Create Replication Job in Veeam Backup and Replication Software

Hello Friends today i have come with another tutorial of Veeam Series In my previous tutorial i have explained How to Restore VM Using Veeam Backup and Replication in this tutorial i have explained how you can create the replication Job of virtual Machine.It is a very good feature of Veeam Software its help you to protect your Virtual Machine data to another location which can be recover any time in case of any disaster happened so Let's start the tutorial.
Step 1. Open Veeam Backup and Replication Console and click on Replication Job then click on Virtual Machine to create the replication job on different ESXi Host.

Step 2. Now you can see New replication job wizard is opened so give the replication job name and click on Next button.

Step 3. Here you have to add Virtual Machine whose you want to create replication job so just click on add button and wait for next screen.

Step 3. Here you can see all the ESXi host is showing so just browse the ESXi host and select the Virtual Machine as you can see in the following screenshot so just select the virtual Machine and click on Add button.

Step 4. Here you can see virtual Machine Has been added so just click on next button.

Step 5.  Here you have to choose ESXi Host of destination Location so just click on Choose option and wait for Next Screen.

Step 6. Here you can see all the ESXi host is showing so just select the ESXi Host where you want to create the replication job and click on OK button.

Step 7. Now you can see i have select the ESXi Host and datastore of other location so just click on Next button.

Step 8. Here you have to select Metadata Repository and you can also define restore point as per your requirement otherwise leave it default which is 7 and click on Next button.

Step 9. Here you can select how you want to transfer data like proxy and WAN otherwise leave it automatic it will transfer the data over LAN communication and click on Next button.

Step 10. Here you can choose application-aware processing otherwise leave it default and click on Next button.

Step 11. Here you can define schedule timing and retry failed items processing as per your requirement so define the timing and click on Next button.
Step 12. Here it is showing summary so just verify the summary and select Run the job when i click on Finish option then click on Finish button.
Step 13. Now you can see replication job is running so just wait for sometime to complete the job.

Step 14. Here you can see Replication job is completed so now login into ESXi host and check the Replica Virtual Machine status.

Step 15. Here you can see the Replica Virtual Machine has been created that Means we have successfully create the replication job and it has completed also.

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